Piano music for absolute beginners

No Notes sheet music for piano or keyboard is for anyone starting to play the piano.  Unlike ordinary piano sheet music, which can seem bafflingly complex to a beginner, No Notes is very easy to read because it uses a simplified musical notation – ‘tablature’ or ‘tab’ – showing fingerings rather than note pitches.  

No Notes tab is very easy to understand.  With No Notes, even absolute beginners can learn to play a wide variety of popular melodies and songs as well as cool, bluesy riffs and grooves.  No Notes simplicity also makes it easy for family and friends to join in – all No Notes music can be played as a duet.

Piano beginners have fun playing No Notes music. At the same time, they also learn valuable foundation keyboard skills:

  • Become familiar with keyboard layout
  • Learn to use all fingers and thumbs without looking
  • Develop independence between hands
  • Read music
  • Play with a beat
  • Play musically

Making foundation keyboard skills fun!