New No Notes title on sale September 2022

Forty favourite songs to play either solo or as duets with a friend or family member – half as hard and twice the fun!

Price: £10

A page from No Notes Children’s Songs
with ‘keyboard map’ and ‘song chart’
All No Notes music includes a ‘keyboard map’ (above), showing where hands go, and a ‘song chart’, showing which fingers to play and when to play them

The piano is a fantastically rewarding instrument to play.  It’s also a challenge – so many notes to choose from; so many fingers to co-ordinate! No Notes piano tab helps beginners of all ages get started. Read why No Notes is good for beginners here.

No Notes is very easy to read and understand. Even absolute beginners find they can soon use all fingers and thumbs of both hands to play a wide variety of familiar song melodies, as well as cool, bluesy riffs and grooves. Listen to Childrens’ Songs here. Listen to Blues Primer riffs and grooves here.

No Notes piano music makes it fun to learn a variety of valuable ‘foundation keyboard skills’ (explained here). And because all No Notes music can be played as a duet, No Notes beginners can choose to play on their own OR with family and friends.

Twinkle, Twinkle‘ played as a duet.
The player on the left (facing the piano) plays the right hand part.
The player on the right plays the left hand part.
Players’ forearms cross over each other.

Why not try No Notes now! Sample pages from each book can be found here. Or, if you’re convinced already, dive in and get started with the book(s) of your choice here!