Blues Primer

Recordings of all the music in Blues Primer are given below. It’s a good idea to know how a riffs or grooves goes before you try and play it.

No Notes music for Learning to walk (Step 1, below) can be found here.

Step 1. Learning to walk
Step 2. Shuffle Riff
Step 3. Playing with a beat
Step 4. Backbeat Groove
Step 5. Chords 1, 4 and 5
Step 6. 12-bar blues
Step 7. The blues scale
Step 8. Using the blues scale – ‘inversions’
Step 9. Blues Scale Blues
Step 10. Syncopated Rhythm
Step 11. Syncopated Groove
Step 12. Syncopated Groove Blues
Step 13. Syncopated Riff
Step 14. Turnarounds
Step 15. Straight 8s and swing
Step 16. Playing the blues