Blues Primer

In just 16 single-page Steps Blues Primer introduces absolute beginners to a variety of riffs, grooves and scales and shows how these can be played as classic 12-bar blues. The various bluesy motifs can be recombined and modified easily as budding improvisers build their confidence. And students are expected (encouraged!) to rehearse all patterns playing with either hand. All Steps can be played either solo or as duets (by TWO absolute beginners) – half as hard and twice as much fun! 

All Blues Primer Steps are presented using easy-to-follow piano tablature (‘tab’) enabling absolute beginners of all ages to concentrate on a variety of foundation keyboard skills including: navigating the piano keyboard; reading music; playing without looking at fingers and thumbs; playing in time; developing even-handedness; playing musically.

Performances of all Blues Primer Steps can be found here
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A list of all Steps in Blues Primer is shown below

Step 1. Learning to walk

Step 2. Shuffle Riff

Step 3. Playing with a beat

Step 4. Backbeat Groove

Step 5. Chords 1, 4 and 5

Step 6. 12-bar blues

Step 7. The blues scale

Step 8. Using the blues scale – ‘inversions’

Step 9. Blues Scale Blues

Step 10. Syncopated Rhythm

Step 11. Syncopated Groove

Step 12. Syncopated Groove Blues

Step 13. Syncopated Riff

Step 14. Turnarounds

Step 15. Straight 8s and swing

Step 16. Playing the blues

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