3. Press Release – Autumn 2022

“Piano music for beginners – simple, clear and fun!”

Author – Daniel Lloyd
Illustrator – Judy Lloyd
ISBN: 978-0-9571261-5-2
soft cover / landscape
Price: £10
Pages: 48

Enquiries and orders

Daisyfield Press is delighted to publish No Notes Bumper Book of Children’s Songs, the latest title in the popular No Notes series of piano music books for absolute beginners.

Beginners like No Notes piano music because it is easy to understand and because it offers more rewarding musical and technical challenges than standard notation can. No Notes Bumper Book of Children’s Songs includes forty popular songs, each with its own ‘keyboard map’ (showing where to put hands) and ‘song chart’ (showing the order to play fingers and thumbs).

Learning to play the piano is not easy. There are so many piano keys and so many fingers to co-ordinate! No Notes piano music rewards beginners’ practice efforts with music that family and friends will recognise and enjoy. And as they work out how to play No Notes pieces, beginners learn a variety of foundation keyboard skills including navigating the piano keyboard, reading music, playing without looking at fingers and thumbs, playing in time, developing even-handedness, and playing musically.

An especially attractive and unusual feature of all No Notes piano music is that it can be played easily as duets by TWO (or more) absolute beginners (i.e. either as a duet or as a group keyboard session) which makes learning to play half as hard and twice as much fun! All songs also include many colourful and playful illustrations as well as the words, so beginners can enjoy singing songs as they play.

No Notes piano music is an original tablature (’tab’) notation that makes it easy for beginners to concentrate on ‘finding their fingers’ and playing musically. It incorporates several key features of standard piano music that mean No Notes graduates are not only motivated but also prepared to make the transition from No Notes piano tab to standard piano music.

Published by Daniel Lloyd

Pianist, teacher, composer, author.

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