3. Press Release – Autumn 2022

Author – Daniel LloydIllustrator – Judy Lloyd ISBN: 978-0-9571261-5-2 soft cover / landscape Price: £10Pages: 48 Enquiries and orders Daisyfield Press is delighted to publish No Notes Bumper Book of Children’s Songs, the latest title in the popular No Notes series of piano music books for absolute beginners. Beginners like No Notes piano music becauseContinue reading “3. Press Release – Autumn 2022”

2. What are foundation keyboard skills?

It seems so easy to make the piano sing! Even a cat can tread lightly across a piano keyboard and produce notes perfectly in tune and with exquisite tone. And yet, as every piano beginner knows, playing the piano – whichever genre of music you pick – is not easy. There are so many thingsContinue reading “2. What are foundation keyboard skills?”